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This is not a definitive list of all the pet foods available in your local pet shop or superstore, but hopefully it will at least help to inform your decision on which food to buy, and hopefully also save you some money, because there is a lot price variation in the pet food market, and a high cost does not always denote the best quality ingredients!

What to look for in a food

What we all want is the best food for our own particular pet, and that might mean trying one or two different pet foods over a period of a few months just to get a feel for what suits. Thinks to look for are 1) Are skin and coat looking good? 2) Is body weight being maintained in an adult dog, or increasing at a steady rate for a pup or kitten?  3) Is what comes out the other end as poo looking nicely formed, not really dry and pea-like, or too wet and therefore difficult to dispose of. If a food can answer yes to all these and is eaten with some enthusiasm then stick with it!

Check out the list below of all the foods that are covered by this website, and use the information to inform your own decision on what to feed. And of course don't forget to check out our recommendations for Top Pet Foods

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