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The Iams and Eukanuba brands are owned by the huge Proctor and Gamble organisation in the US, and before we even get to look at Iams pet foods, we have to acknowledge that there is a love/hate relationship with Iams and the pet owning fraternity, and it boils down to one thing - a past history of animal experimentation.

Although Iams sell a lot of dog and cat food, when comparing like for like with the other foods available, it has to be said that Iams do use wheat in some of their recipes which is not one of the best digested cereals, and has been linked to food intolerance in some sensitive animals, but wheat is cheap and plentiful in the US of course. Also they do not name the animal fat that they use, which presumably means it could be from any source and therefore cheaper to use. It would be nice to see lamb fat with lamb meat - at least you know what you are feeding!

For this reason we would not recommend it as highly as some other brands, but if it suits your dog then who can argue with that!

Recipes and ingredients

Iams generally produce a good quality food at a fair price, but the inclusion of wheat and un-named animal fats means that it may not suit some dogs with an intolerance to certain ingredients.

Hydrolysed Animal Proteins are there mainly as flavour enhancers (like a stock cube!) but again are not from a named animal source.

Prices and value for money

Expect to pay around £30 for a 12kg sack which is a reasonable price for this kind of food but not as cheap as some.


Searching for the best dog food!

The star rating is based not just on quality of ingredients, but if the food offers value for money!

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Product examples

IAMS for Vitality Adult Large Dog - Chicken

Iams dog food


Dried chicken and turkey (24% incl. 14% chicken), maize, maize grits, barley, animal fat, fresh chicken (4.7%), sorghum millet meal, dried sugar beet pulp (2.7%), chicken stock, minerals [sodium hexametaphosphate] (0.38%), fructooligosaccharide (0.21%), brewer's yeast. Vits and minerals


Protein 23%,  Fat 13%

IAMS for Vitality Puppy & Junior Small & Medium Dog - Chicken

Iams dog food


Dried chicken and turkey (32% incl. 19% chicken), maize, maize grits, animal fat, fresh chicken (5%), rice, dried sugar beet pulp (3.3%), chicken stock, minerals, fish oil, dried whole egg, fructooligosaccharide (0.21%), brewer's yeast, vits and minerals


Protein 28%, Fat 17%

JB Good Food for Dogs
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