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Autarky dog food

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Many dog owners use naturediet alongside a complete dried food and mix the two. There's no real need to do this, and it does make it difficult to make sure that you are not overfeeding your pet, but human nature being what it is, we like to think that wet food is nearer to home cooked!

Naturediet is a natural wet food in a tray, and the range is large enough to cover most options from puppy to senior. Ingredient-wise it's pretty good and price-wise it is also a very competitive product when compared with a few other similar ones in fancier packaging!

Recipes and ingredients

The Naturediet range contains a simple mix of meat, cereal and vegetables, together with essential vitamins and minerals and offers good quality nutrition at an affordable price. Recommended for owners who like to mix dry and moist foods.

Prices and value for money

Expect to pay £1.39 a 390g pack .

Searching for the best dog food!

The star rating is based not just on quality of ingredients, but if the food offers value for money!

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Product examples

Naturediet Feel Good Salmon with white fish, rice and carrots 390g

 Naturediet dog food


Salmon (42%), White Fish (18%), Rice (10%), Carrots (6%), Natural Ground Bone, Dried Seaweed, vitamins and minerals


Protein 10%,  Fat 9%

Naturediet Feel Good Chicken with rice and carrots 390g

Autarky dog food


Chicken (60%), Rice (10%), Carrots (6%), Natural Ground Bone, Dried Seaweed, vitamins and minerals


Protein 8%, Fat 5%, Fibre 3%

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