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Symply dog food

Range of products

Reasonably new on the pet food scene is the Symply range of foods - the company are based in Bucks and previously imported a US brand of food which it distributed in the UK.

They sell a range of foods in dry and wet form, and seem to be aimed at the more expensive end of the market.

Recipes and ingredients

Symply foods fit easily into the 'natural' sector of the pet food market. They are available from independent pet shops. They are however very expensive when compared to alternative brands offering similar products.

Prices and value for money

Expect to pay up to £58 for a 12kg sack, a very high price which seems hard to justify given the competition, even when the product is good. Tray foods are available at around £1.85 for 395g which is more expensive than Naturediet, an excellent alternative.


Our Star Rating

Based not just on quality of ingredients, but if it seems to offer value for money!

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Product examples

Symply Turkey and Rice 12kgSymply dog food


Dried Turkey (min 26%), White Rice (min. 26%), Brown Rice, Oats, Sunflower Oil, Beet Pulp, Turkey Digest, Minerals, Dried Egg, Seaweed


Protein 22%,  Fat 12%,

Symply Salmon & Potato 12kg Symply dog food


Salmon (min 26%), Potato (min. 26%), Oats, Dried Salmon, Beet Pulp, Sunflower Oil, Potato Protein, Potato Starch, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salmon Oil, Vegetable Fibre, Minerals, Seaweed


Protein 22%, Fat 14%, Fibre 5%

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