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Skinners dog food

Range of products

Skinners have been around for a while. As they say, "The Skinner’s mill has been a traditional part of the Suffolk landscape since 1688.

"The Mill has belonged to the Skinner family for seven generations, but it was the idea of the current Chairman, Roger Skinner, to branch into complete dry dog foods in the early 1970’s – a time when there were very few competitors in this sector of the market.

"The manufacture of complete dry dog foods was a natural progression from animal feed compounding, and with an excellent reputation already well established the move proved extremely successful."

There's a range of foods in the Skinners brand, some more 'natural' than others, but if you look hard enough you will find something to suit.

Recipes and ingredients

Skinners try to please everyone, so at the bottom of their range is the Field and Trial Maintenance, which is a very basic food, and up the ladder is their excellent Sensitive range of natural food.

Prices and value for money

Skinners food is quite competitive at both ends of the market.

Expect to pay £17.50 for a 15kg sack of the basic food, which is cheaper than such as Pedigree, and £32 for 15kg of the Skinners Sensitive food.


Our Star Rating

Based not just on quality of ingredients, but if it seems to offer value for money - and this is for the Sensitive range!

dog food star rating

Product examples

Skinners Field & Trial Maintenance 15kg

Skinners  dog food


Whole wheat, maize, poultry meat meal, barley, chicken fat, beet pulp, vitamins and minerals.


Protein 18%,  Fat 11%, Fibre 2.2%

Skinners Sensitive Lamb & Rice 15kg

Skinners dog food


Whole rice (40%), lamb meat meal (25%), barley, chicken fat, linseed, lucerne, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, rosemary oil, culinary herb mix.


Protein 20%, Fat 12%, Fibre 4%

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