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Range of products

Laughing Dog Complete food is a UK manufacturer, and they make a range of wheat free and grain free foods which are baked rather than going through the normal extrusion process to give the familiar shapes that most manufacturers use. They say this improves the taste and digestibility.

Fold Hill Foods, who make the product are based in Lincolnshire and are a family owned business that has been making pet food for over 30 years.

Recipes and ingredients

There's a range of foods and treats made with natural ingredients, both with and without cereals, although if your dog has an intolerance just check the individual ingredients, as the meat in the grain free duck is almost half chicken! Price-wise they are more expensive than quite a few similar products

Prices and value for money

Expect to pay £43 for a 12kg sack of their wheat-free foods. The grain free ones are more expensive at around £64/10kg which is a lot more expensive than some.


Searching for the best dog food!

The star rating is based not just on quality of ingredients, but if the food offers value for money!

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Product examples

Laughing Dog Adult Chicken

Laughing  dog food


Chicken meal (28%), Barley meal (20%), Potato starch, Oatmeal (15%), Pea starch (5%), Poultry oil (5%), Pea fibre (3%), Carrot puree (2.5%), Ground linseed (1.5%), Minerals*, Chicory root (0.3%). *minerals include vitamins B complex, C and K, citrus extract, tocopherols, yucca extract, rosemary extract. Vitamin A 17000IU, Vitamin D3 2000IU, Vitamin E 550mg, Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate 200mg, Manganese oxide 156mg, Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 133mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate 97mg, Copper sulphate pentahydrate 20mg, Selenised yeast, inactivated 8.7mg, Sodium selenite 6.5mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous 3.3mg


Protein 25%,  Fat 11%,

Laughing Dog Grain Free Duck

Autarky dog food


Duck (32%), Chilled Chicken (30%), Potato Granules (12%), Potato Starch, Canola Oil, Pea Fibre, Linseed (2.5%), Cellulose Fibre, Duck Gravy, Dried Seaweed (0.8%), Minerals. *minerals include vitamins B complex, C and K, citrus extract, tocopherols, yucca extract, rosemary extract. Vitamin A 17000IU/kg, Vitamin D3 2000IU/kg, Vitamin E 550mg/kg, Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate 200mg/kg, Manganese oxide 156mg/kg, Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 133mg/kg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate 97mg/kg, Copper sulphate pentahydrate 20mg/kg, Selenised yeast, inactivated 8.7mg/kg, Sodium selenite 6.5mg/kg, Calcium iodate anhydrous 3.3mg/kg.


Protein 27%, Fat 11%,

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