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dog foodAs pet food prices keep rising it's important to  keep in touch with reality!

Prices are going up because the raw materials are expensive - a growing affluence in countries such as China and India means that there are millions more dog owners wanting good quality food, and therefore ingredients go up in price!

Finding the best price is always good, but so is seeing what the variety of pet foods out there is, because most pet shops can only stock a few brands, and big ones like Pets at Home tend to concentrate more on their own brand (understandably as they make more money from it!)

So take a look at the reviews on the site, which, although they can't be totally comprehensive, give you an idea of the kinds of dog and cat food available in the UK, and then make your choice. If you want to browse one of the bigger online stores then we've picked four of the best, but check with a couple, because some have a nasty habit of trying to persuade you the the RRP is much higher than you can get elsewhere (just to make their discount look better!)


What is a Balanced Diet?

Dogs, cats, rabbits and most small animals that we keep as pets need a combination of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water in a diet to provide the energy requirements and nutrients to meet their daily needs for maintenance of good health, growth, activity, and repair. This is in essence what a balanced diet will try and attain.
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What Not to Feed Your Pet

There are a number of commonly eaten foods lying around the house which are not good for our pets, and yet still get given as treats - so let's look at a few of them, and we'll start with the most common substance given in error as a treat.
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Why do Dogs Eat Poo?

Many dogs seem prone to eating their own or other dog's poo - What can be done, because dogs can pick up parasites from eating the faecal matter of infected animals - hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms are common and can cause serious health problems!
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Dogs with Sensitive Skin or Digestion

If your dog or cat has a prolonged or recurring period of digestive upset, or suffers from excessive itchy skin, is constantly licking paws red raw or has hot spots or balding patches due to excessive grooming you need to take veterinary advice as there might be an underlying medical condition...
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Overweight Dogs and Cats

Government statistics show that human obesity has reached crisis point, with around two-thirds of people living in Britain either overweight or obese. The problem extends to our pets, one in three household pets is now overweight, which equates to a staggering seven million animals.
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Should We Feed Our Dogs a Wolf-like Diet?

There is a current trend among some dog owners to promote the idea that dogs should be fed a diet based upon their wolf ancestors, based heavily upon meat with minimal amounts of cereal or grains. And certain brands have sprung up to cater for this trend.
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HowDo We Ensure Our Pets Stay Healthy?

What do we need to do to ensure our pets live long and healthy lives - is there more to it than choosing a good food? 
Top 5 ways to a healthy pet


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