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Range of products

The Natural Dog Food Company products have been around in one form or another for several years. They differ from most natural pet foods in that they do not have a vitamin and mineral mix added to the recipe, and the company state that despite this the product can still be classified as complete, based upon the ingredients used.

There's a range of products covering puppy to senior and where possible they use UK sourced ingredients. The range is naturally preserved, using similar antioxidants to other natural products, contains a mix of cereals including brown rice, and in most of the range they use both meat meal and fresh meat.


Recipes and ingredients

Food produced for the Natural Dog Food Company does contain some good quality ingredients, but choosing the food depends on whether you are happy to feed a food that does not contain the balanced mineral and vitamin supplements that almost all pet food manufacturers and brands include.

Prices and value for money

The food is not cheap compared to many natural foods readily available from pet shops and online, even though their pack size has reduced from 15kg -12kg . Expect to pay around £50 for a 12kg sack.


Searching for the best dog food!

The star rating is based not just on quality of ingredients, but if the food offers value for money!

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Product examples

Fresh Chicken and Brown Rice 12kg

Autarky dog food


44% Chicken (includes 26% Freshly Prepared Chicken, 12% Dried Chicken, 3% Chicken Fat, 3% Chicken Gravy), Brown Rice, Oats, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Linseed, Sugar Beet, Brewers Yeast


Protein 22%,  Fat 12.0

Fresh Scottish Salmon & Brown Rice 12kg

Autarky dog food


43% Salmon (including 26% Freshly Prepared Salmon, 17% Dried Salmon), Brown Rice, Oats, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Chicken Fat, Linseed, Brewers Yeast, Sugar Beet, Chicken Gravy


Protein 22%, Fat 12.0%

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