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If your one of the many pet owners who consider your dog or cat to be a real member of the family or, dare I even say it, a replacement child (and that's what the pet food industry says that we're doing - treating our pets like little people!) then there's a tendency to think that food-wise they ought to be getting something akin to home cooking.

And that's where Natures Menu and one or two other brands step in and say 'Take a look at our ingredients and range and give us a try!'

Couple of things though - These are not cheap foods by any means. If you've a toy breed dog then you probably won't feel the strain on your purse quite so badly as a labrador owner! One way of using these types of food is alongside a dry complete food, as a complementary food, and that way they don't seem so expensive and you can still give your pet a treat.

Recipes and ingredients

Natures Menu produce good quality foods - they work out more expensive than, say, Naturediet, but offer a good alternative with natural ingredients.

Prices and value for money

As with all natural wet foods it's going to be expensive to feed anything other than a small breed dog. The smaller 300g pouches are around £1.59

Our Star Rating

Based not just on quality of ingredients, but if it seems to offer value for money!

dog food star rating

Product examples

Natures Menu Adult Dog Food with Chicken 300g

Natures Menu dog food


Chicken (min 60%), Broth (28%), Brown Rice (min 2%), Peas (min 4%), Carrots (min 4%), Minerals ansd Vitamins


Protein 10%,  Fat 7%

Natures Menu Senior Lamb with Chicken Dog Pouch 300g

Natures Menu dog food


Lamb (min 40%), Broth (28%), Brown Rice (min 4%), Chicken (min 20%), Peas (min 4%), Carrots (min 4%), Minerals and Vitamins


Protein 10%, Fat 7%

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