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Range of products

Oscar is a franchised brand, with individual operators delivering the food to your door. It's been around for a good number of years and the range of food on offer has evolved to the distinct ranges currently on their list. The Oscar range seems to have been rationalised of late, with less on offer than there used to be, but there's still a range from basic wheat-based to the better quality rice-based and a grain-free recipe.

There's a range of foods for different types of pets, and covering the various lifestages.

Recipes and ingredients

Oscar seem to be trying to cover several bases with their range, which is fair enough, but be careful when choosing from the range of you have a dog with sensitive digestion, as their cheaper options do contain a large proportion of wheat. The more expensive natural recipes compare well with many of the other similar foods on the market.

Prices and value for money

It is very easy to have pet food delivered to your home now, often on overnight delivery, so the advantage of van delivery from a franchised operation is maybe not so great these days. The products are also expensive when compared with the competition, even at the bottom end of their range.

Expect to pay £52.95 for a 15kg sack for natural recipes, £28 for the wheat based foods.

Our Star Rating

Based not just on quality of ingredients, but if it seems to offer value for money!

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Product examples

Oscar Lamb & Rice 15kg

 oscar dog food


rice 48%, lamb meal 30%, poultry fat 5.5%, beet pulp 5%, linseed, egg, digest, fish oil, lucerne, salt, fructo-oligasacharides 2,000mg/kg, glucosamine 400mg/kg, minerals and vitamins


Protein 22%,  Fat 14%, Fibre 3%

Oscar Sensitive 15kg

oscar dog food


potato 47%, fish meal 21%, peas 7.5%, poultry fat 7%, beet pulp 5%, full fat linseed, brewers yeast, egg, fish oil, dicalcium phosphate, lucerne, limestone, salt, fructo-oligosaccharides 2,000mg/kg, glucosamine 400mg/kg, vitamins and minerals.


Protein 20%, Fat 13%, Fibre 4%

JB Good Food for Dogs
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