UK Pet Food Review - The Best Dog Foods!

Feed your dog well and it'll soon show in its general health and body condition!

Follow our guide to lots of the UK branded dog foods and get an insight into the differences between the "Cheap and Cheerful" and the more "Natural" foods that are available in pet stores and online.

save money

Feeding a pet can be expensive - here's a few tips so they can eat well and save a few £s.

Money Saving Tips



dog food history

So, the enormous pet food industry - where did it all begin? Here's a potted history!

A Potted History


pet nutrition

For those with cats and dogs, some useful information on the basics of pet nutrition.

Pet Nutrition

pet food ingredients

Not everyone looks at ingredient declarations -  for those who do, this might help!

Pet Food Ingredients




There are many foodstuffs in our cupboards which are actually not safe to feed to pets.

What not to feed


dog and cat jokes

Just a collection of some favourite jokes which just happen to include cats and dogs.

Pet Jokes

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