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As pet food prices keep rising it's important to  keep in touch with reality!

Prices are going up because the raw materials are expensive - a growing affluence in countries such as China and India means that there are millions more dog owners wanting good quality food, and thererfore ingredients go up in price!

So the question in the UK is just what should you be paying for decent quality dog food - particularly the complete dry foor that feeds most of our pets?

Quite honestly, if you are paying over 40 for a large bag of dog food then you could be paying way too much - there are lots of quality foods available, with natural ingredients and free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives from just over half that price. Check out the offers from good online supplers below if you want to se what's around.

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Overweight Dogs and Cats

Government statistics show that human obesity has reached crisis point, with around two-thirds of people living in Britain either overweight or obese. The problem extends to our pets, one in three household pets is now overweight, which equates to a staggering seven million animals.
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